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Is intelligence inherited or learned essay

is intelligence inherited or learned essay

a possibility that the embryo could either get good genes, or bad genes, or both from either of the parents or donors genes. Burton (amongst others) with identical twins which were separated at birth has shown that about 60 of our intelligence depends on genetic factors (important: these genetic factors only set the framework) and 40 depend on environmental factors. Math) but this does funny essay about organizational culture not mean that this person is overall stupid. Vertically it remains the same. The following article might also be very interesting to you: Stop Thinking Youre Stupid, photo by smanography, the article Intelligence was presented by our Personal Development Blog. Introduction: The United States Intelligence community draws on advanced technology and analytical techniques. You just can't know something you must have picked it unconsciously. For example, a person might inherit the genes of a genius, but how much of a genius they will become will depend on environmental factors such as: nutrition and health (Kraus, 2012).

Is Intelligence Inherited or Learned?

is intelligence inherited or learned essay

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This is certainly a fact, because the things that a child will learn in his lifetime will depend on his genetic traits which are developed in interaction with the environment. As already mentioned our genes set the framework of the highest level of intelligence that we can reach, but it depends on the environment we grow up if we can come close to the maximum or only use a slight percentage of our inherited intelligence. This genetic component determines the upper limit of your intelligence, that is the maximum intelligence you can realize. I have tried to resit gcse maths 3 times at night school, but all I got was an E grade, I tried to do a numeracy class at night school, but still could not pass the exam. A good environment will enable the individual to reach these limits. Intelligence can be trained even when we have already become adults and even more positive: we can become more intelligent as well. What a fatal point of view! Educators must thus apply strategies that will enhance learners' effective learning by considering their diverse backgrounds. If you are raised on a poor diet and in an environment that does not really appreciate education, you will become less intelligent than if you are raised on a healthy diet and encouraged to perform well in school. Research Papers 693 words (2 pages) - What makes you, you. How to Cite this Page, mLA Citation: "Intelligence as a Product of Heredity or Environment.".

is intelligence inherited or learned essay

Is it true that intelligence is inherited or can intelligence also.
According to the dictionary, intelligence is the ability of acquir ing and.
Learn through books and school is useless until we learn how to apply.
Intelligence is defined by Slavin as, general aptitude for learning often.

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