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Solomon northup essay

solomon northup essay

where they can be sold to other slave masters (Northup 53). Slave owner in response to northerners abolitionist pamphlet, southerner argued that southerners treated their slaves better than northerner treated free blacks and their workers (Lecture Notes, 10/31/03). Before giving details about the evils of slavery, about the cruel destiny that awaited him ( Northup, 24 ), the author includes aspects about the spiritual journey he began, as a father. Northup s viewpoint is up for the grabs, as he labored for twelve years under various masters. Also, merciless ironies are depicted in the story which had a huge impact on readers. Show More, solomon Northup was a black man who was born a free man at a time when slavery was still legal in America. The moral struggle is represented like an inner aspect of slavery itself. Bibliography: - Twelve Years a Slave. From the very first time that Northup is enslaved in Washington, he notices all of the women surrounding him. Slaves owners in the south published pamphlets to show that slaves were happy being in bondage, pamphlets includes slaves dancing, well dressed, smiling. Along with Eliza, who also has a touching life history, being departed from her children, are sold to a man called William Ford.

The events concentrate around the timeline of Solomons life, in order to develop the themes of inequality, oppression, lack of freedom. However, if Ford seems to be a kind-hearted master, very fond of his Christian roots and proving generosity to his slaves, after serious problems with John. The novel is filled with arguments against slavery, and the proof the author uses is all the more convincing because the readers understand that he draws it from his own personal experience.

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As a slave narrative, Solomon Northups confession is not important only for what it communicates about the African American literature and its historical context, but also because it proclaims the institution of humanity, portraying an impeccable examination of the realities of slavery, which are enlightened. It is a relevant reality, a reminder of the social and moral degradation which weakened the strong man and caused an extensive suffering among them all. This made people actually see the problem that they had ignored for years, leading them to take the steps necessary to ensure that no horrors like these would ever be repeated again. The immeasurable violence inflicted on human beings at the lack of mercy of another human beings is unfathomable and those who executed abuse, neglect and brainwash must have had some serious mental issues, although they were lucid enough to make use of the Bible. He was made to take the whites man position as overseer over the other slaves. Twelve Years a Slave, a memoir by Solomon Northup, helped open the publics eyes to the inhumanly cruel realities of slavery.