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Need of life insurance essay

need of life insurance essay

payments are going into the cash value component to begin with. Points to Ponder : One, HLV is a moving target and to make it meaningful, you must review it once a year. This method considers all the variables of family lifestyle and the total cash needed to maintain the current value of the estate while providing adequate cash needed to cover estate expenses and taxes. Marital status, number of dependents, size and nature of financial obligations, your career stage, and your intentions to pass on your property are all factors to consider. It is always assumed that you have an insurable interest in your own life. Protect Your Insurability Another reason to buy life insurance at this stage of your life is to protect your future insurability. What is life insurance? Joint life insurance This type of life insurance insures two lives, usually those of spouses, under one policy: First-to-die: Pays out upon the death of the first person, whichever one.

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The policy illustrations shown to potential why is being healthy important essay customers can be complex and optimistic. No method is perfect, as you are trying to hit a moving target. They would not only lose the support you have been providing to them, but they would also need to come up with the money for your final expenses. There are life insurance coverages that will secure your familys needs and make sure they will not be a victim of financial insecurities due to lack of income due to a premature death. Very often, people can find all sorts of excuses for not buying life insurance. Steps for Calculating Human Life Value Approach In the human life value approach, the first step is to find the amount of annual income that is surplus to the individual. For another, theres the tendency to think that dying wont happen to you, only to some person you read about in the obituaries. Consequences could include loss of the family home, scaling back of college plans, and possibly years of financial difficulty. Life insurance is a cost-effective way to make sure that your children are protected financially should anything happen to you. If you are even luckier, they will be able to provide your children with the education and lifestyle you had hoped for them to have. Variable universal life insurance AND variable life insurance How they work: With variable universal life and variable life insurance, you tie your cash value to investment accounts, such as bonds or money market and equity accounts.

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