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Understanding and critiquing quantitative research papers nursing times

understanding and critiquing quantitative research papers nursing times

that chosen topic. The Critical Appraisal Skills Programme (casp) framework has been chosen as it has separate frameworks for qualitative and quantitative research. Qualitative research needs to answer questions set by the researcher (there is no hypothesis). Critiquing the research article. The 10 main questions that the casp asks of qualitative research are listed in Box. A succinct conclusion typically completes the article. Were the participants in all groups treated in the same way? Indeed, the word allowance in many health journals will only allow for detailed discussion of a few implications. Some statistics simply describe or summarise the research results and these are known as descriptive statistics. Did the study ask a clearly focused question? This discussed a patient being asked about their experiences of receiving different treatment for hypertension.

Reading a research article part I: Types of variables. Nursing Times; 102: 27, 28-30.Polit,.F., Beck,.T. (Ed) The Research Process in Nursing.

The research approach normally influences its design. It can take more than a year for an article do colleges read questbridge essays to be reviewed, revised, accepted, and published, causing some references to seem outdated. Quantitative research aims to focus on objectivity, and therefore searches for answers that can be generalised to other situations. Many health journals restrict their research reports to between 3,000 and 5,000 words whereas some research papers may be around 10,000 words long, and those submitted for a higher degree may be up to 100,000 words. Critiquing frameworks, there are several frameworks for critiquing research, some of which have been constructed to critique or evaluate both qualitative and quantitative studies. This article presents a framework nurses can use to read and critique a research article. If a data collection instrument was used, how was it created and validated? Examples of limitations include a low response rate to a survey, not being able to establish causality when a cross-sectional study design was used, and having key stakeholders refuse to be interviewed. Are the limitations presented and their implications discussed? They include such terms as mean, frequency, normal distribution and standard deviation. This is unwise because the abstract is just a preview of the article and may be misleading. Were all important outcomes considered so the results can be applied?

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