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Save water at home essay

save water at home essay

150-200 liters of water every day. If your faucet is dripping at the rate of one drop per second, you can expect to waste 2,700 gallons per year which will add to the cost of water and sewer utilities, or strain your septic system. A few ways I believe we can get high school students to conserve water is by taking them to a water plant, put them in a simulation of were they have to ay the water bills and deal with the ongoing water problem in the. Retrofit all wasteful household faucets by installing aerators with flow restrictors. We will write a custom essay sample. Why we should Save Water, in order to know the answer of why we should save water, first we should know the importance of water means how the water is valuable to us in our life. If everyone of us slightly save water from the watering garden, flushing toilet, cleaning purposes, etc, there could be more water saving per day. The normal cycle of water balance runs naturally like evaporation and raining.

save water at home essay

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Sprinkling is better on the plants than putting more water with pipe which can save more gallons of water per month. Avoid flushing the toilet unnecessarily. People in India highly suffer various water born diseases which cost the economy of India to a great extent. This big problem cannot be solved alone or only a group of some people, it is the problem which needs global efforts of people together. The earth is covered with around 71 water however with less amount of drinking water. We should turn off all the taps tightly after every use which saves more than 200 liters of water every month. Three-fourth surface of the earth is covered by diversity essay educating all students the water even after people are suffering from water scarcity in many regions of the India and other countries. It is very clear to everyone that water is very necessary for life existence on the earth. Fresh water is available on the earth only 3 per cent of the total water (of which 70 as ice sheets and glaciers and only 1 is available as clean drinking water means fit for human use). We should save rain water for the purposes like toilet flushing, laundry, watering garden, showering, etc. If you have a well at your home, listen to see if the pump kicks on and off while the water is not in use. Save Water Essay 6 (400 words).

save water at home essay

Save water is the water conservation for solving the problems of water scarcity in the future.
In many regions of the India and other countries there is much shortage of water and people have to go for long distance to get drinking and cooking water to fulfill daily routine.
Saving energy at home is an easy way to save you a lot of money in the long run.
We need to understand the benefits of saving up energy.
Transition: Water heating and having proper windows will help you cut your utility bills.