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Carbon oxygen cycle essay

carbon oxygen cycle essay

oxygen in the minerals is released into the atmosphere. . Therefore, suffice is to say that oxygen enters organisms in the biosphere through respiration and is expelled through photosynthesis in a process that is interconnected with the carbon cycle plus the water cycle. In the oxygen cycle, the main driving factor is photosynthesis which is the process whereby green plants and algae make their own food by use of solar energy, water, and carbon dioxide to gives off oxygen as a by-product. Decomposition of Organic Matters in Soil : advertisements: Organisms like bacteria including actinomycetes and also fungi of different groups such as Zygomycotina, Ascomycotina, Basidiomycotina and Deuteromycotina play a major role in the decomposition of organic matters in the soil.

When this happens, they decompose and such process uses oxygen and releases carbon dioxide. The oxygen cycle is the biogeochemical cycle that describes the movement of oxygen within and between its three main reservoirs; the atmosphere (air the biosphere (living things and the lithosphere (Earths crust). They take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen. The Atmosphere (air the atmosphere carries a small quantity of all oxygen, only about.35 of the entire earths oxygen. Industrial activity can also contribute in expanding carbon dioxide amount in the air. Processes that Use Oxygen, respiration: When we breather, we use oxygen and release carbon dioxide. These elements include water, calcium, nitrogen, carbon and oxygen.

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Oxygen is also needed for the decomposition of organic waste. Oxygen, like carbon and hydrogen, is a basic element of life. Mostly, these constituents of the earth fix oxygen in mineral chemicals compounds such as oxides and silicates. In addition to fungi, both aerobic (bacilli and pseumonads) and anaerobic (methanogens) bacteria and also Actinomycetes are involved in the decomposition of organic matters. Decomposition: Decomposition occurs when plants and animals die. The circulation depends on the various activities.

The decomposition of organic matters takes place by both aerobic and anaerobic condition. Oxygen-carbon cycle processes are: * Photosynthesis, plants undergo photosynthesis that helps them produce energy and food for themselves. Advertisements: The inorganic CO2 are converted to organic carbon by different types of autotrophs.e., photolithotrops and chemolithotrophs. Hence, for oxygen to remain in the atmosphere, it has to circulate through various forms of nature which is essentially termed as the oxygen cycle. Ozone is the layer that helps to shield the Earth from the dangerous ultra violet rays. Enormous quantities of oxygen are taken in by plants and animals every day, and huge quantities of oxygen are returned to the air by plants. On the other hand, respiration happens when humans and animals breathe in oxygen which is used during metabolism to break down carbohydrates and exhale carbon dioxide as a by-product. Free in the air and dissolved in water, oxygen is second only to nitrogen in abundance among uncombined elements in the atmosphere.

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