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Malcolm x pilgrimage mecca essay

malcolm x pilgrimage mecca essay

travels, his world view was changed by meeting, talking, and communicating with many people. So, the Nation of Islam tried to solve the drug addiction by using the six point program of the Nation of Islam. The Influence of the Nation of Islam. This sight hit Malcolm X, that there was no racial or color barrier here.

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The time in which though, that Malcolm X had the greatest influence on people, was upon his death, and after. The Power of Non-violence. Malcolm X really suggested that blacks should have their own society, community, and education. Reginald was a minister in the Nation of Islam, and he told Malcolm about the teachings of Elijah Muhammad. Actually, he prompted black people to do the Montgomery bus boycott, or other nonviolent resistances (Martin Luther King,.,1957).

malcolm x pilgrimage mecca essay

In Mecca, Malcolm X had an epiphany that changed his worldview from hatred for whites to a universal brotherhood of men, possible only under Islam. In Saudi Arabia, hed experienced what amounted to his second life-changing epiphany as he accomplished the Hajj, or pilgrimage to Mecca, and. Malcolm X had already visited the United Arab Republic (a short-lived political union between Egypt and Syria Sudan, Nigeria, and Ghana in 1959 to make arrangements for a tour of Africa by Elijah Muhammad.140 After his journey to Mecca in 1964, he visited Africa.