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Communication phenomenon essay

communication phenomenon essay

explained nor mediated may, thirdly, yield physical violence. Your summary is intended to help your audience understand this subject clearly and thoroughly. Fidelity of Communication Idea Idea Concept Encoder Medium Decoder Concept Message Message Information Information Fidelity of Communication David Berlos Model of Communication If necessary, the receiver may send a reply or may respond or react to the message. Even the simplest and most natural action like breathing has a purpose- to stay alive. This does not imply freedom, however. In conversations, participants may be requested to elaborate on what they said, explain their meanings, or justify their behavior and generally feel obliged to comply with such requests (Shotter, 1984).

For example, transmission metaphors, which could encourage its users to be concerned with what went on behind the TV screen, might lead audience members to explore the hidden interests and powers governing the operation of the media, or enable them to reflect on their own. Did that shows humor last? Effective communication is needed for growth and development of any organization. Another equally important objective of communication is to persuade people to accept a point of view or to change their attitude and accept a new or modified attitude. Their logic does not permit any freedom of interpretation. But the information transferred must be understandable to the receiver. When English speakers talk about some kind of failure of communication, they might say: Communication broke down.

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By means of letters of appreciation, special mention in reports, minutes of meetings, etc., the management can appreciate the work of the employees. 1974) or by focusing on information seeking behaviors (Donohew and Tipton, 1973). The Power of Communication and the Communication of Power; Toward an Emancipatory Theory of Communication. To help break the language barrier and arrive at a common ground, people have to understand and comprehend the behavioural and reaction differences brought about by cultural differences. Katz, Elihu, Jay. Another traditional response, and one that seems even more objectionable to me, would be to dismiss these metaphors as naive accounts or as popular myths of communication that ignorant people believe and enact but qualified scientists must replace by an objective truth.

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