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The second category, "digital leadership refers to leadership in the core sectors of the knowledge society-the three C's of computing, communications, and content (broadcasting and..
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However, if they have a crop that produces mature grain residue, which has low tissue nitrogen levels, farmers have to apply additional nitrogen to cover the...
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The garden alludes to the story of the Garden of Eden where they are able to belong in this piece of paradise. To obtain a true..
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Essay on sun in kannada

essay on sun in kannada

he is personally anti- McMahon? Months of IP additions and months of "IF YOU revert without discussion, YOU'RE gonna BE blocked!" ensue. This critical issue of a single Wikilink led to full protection (three times) and a Request for Comment on a disambiguation page. Are 99 of things on the web rubbish? Following a handful of polls and rampant accusations of bias, a consensus seems near, but who knows what the future will bring? Malamanteau After being featured in the webcomic xkcd, an article on this term was created and deleted three times in one day before being turned into a redirect and listed on Redirects for discussion. If Copernicus were around today, he might have suggested that he would be satisfied to be remembered as an astronomer, but we will never know. Monty Hall problem Is it a puzzle of probability or of game theory? There are occasional attempts to put the word back to aluminum. Lucky Charms A long-running, slow-motion edit war between anonymous users seeks to address the big issue: Are they or aren't they sold in Ireland?

It was mercifully confined to the talk page, but what a talk page it was. But wait, that's still not the true name of the creature, so we shouldn't use that. Note that the no original research and verifiability policies are meant to apply to the article namespace, not necessarily on pages like this in the Wikipedia (project) namespace.

A b c Rao,. One user resumed after protection was lifted the next day, leading to further 12 reverts over the same photograph. What should the default sort order of the list be?

Every so often, tempers flare up over the bot-created "demographic statistics" added to the encyclopedia back in the Dark Ages (2002, to be exact) and the "Wikipedia The Story of Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody " stance adopted by many editors towards actually fixing these. Merchandise is available in the foyer. Aphex Twin Is Aphex Twin really IDM? One is about his height, of all things, with the number being changed several times a week. Marilyn Manson Every album has a title track. Even 17 years old? In the end a level-headed admin fixes the mess and protects the page for a week, and at least one user takes a long wikibreak over the ordeal. State routes use the format "State Route xx" or "Route xx (State or something else (where xx is the route number)? A move back, and statements that Canada, Australia, and the rest of the colour-spelling world didn't matter because the United States spelled it color. Be sure to practice your absurd captions on the pics on the talk page. Will anyone type in "Lolita" looking for Amy Fisher? The link goes back and forth for weeks as they leave no messages or edit summaries, few notice and none care.

But that wasn't enough. Involved parties vouch for only aiming at accuracy, and certainly some argumentation goes deeper than believed humanly possible. Newspapers and internet forums like 2channel are part of the discussion, yet everyone claims their POV is npov.

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