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Belly dancing research paper

belly dancing research paper

length of her leg as she lunges on the ground. Two of the founders of this style are Jill Parker and Heather Stants. But while the dance is closely linked to sexuality it is not necessarily seductive. Reading such an example will give you an idea for how deeply you need to dive into your research. "I really liked the sensuality of the dance and even the blatant sexuality- she says. History tells us that belly dancing may, in fact, have originated from Egypt. Videos of well known dancers in different styles can be found on. Some dancers were influenced by both Carolena and Suhaila Salimpor (Jamilas daughter) and began to fuse ATS and traditional belly dance with other dance forms and develop what is known today as Tribal Fusion.

Belly, dancing, research, paper by Biancadohan

belly dancing research paper

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One of its members, Masha Archer, taught Carolena Nericcio who went on to found FatChanceBellyDance and develop American Tribal Style (ATS). In the 1890s during the Chicago World Fair where a Middle Eastern dancer nicknamed Little Egypt performed. Today it is used more for exercise, entertainment, and healing purposes. Choose Source Type, website, book, journal. Finding the perfect balance of depth (level of detail) and breath (number of topics discussed) can be tricky, but here are some helpful things to consider when determining the extent of your research: How long the paper. Different areas developed their own distinct styles of what is now known as belly dance. Rachel Brice, also an early founder in this style, began touring with the Belly Dance Superstars which brought international attention to this new style of belly dance that is now practiced worldwide. Although she doesn't like men ogling her classes Rachel does not shy away from the sensual aspects of her dance. The origin and history of belly dance is much debated. This statement spoken from a woman who spends her evenings shaking her hips at restaurant patrons. This troupe developed their own re-creations of tribal dances with more earthy, traditional looking costumes. How much information you need to support claims in your paper.