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Narcan argumentative essay

narcan argumentative essay

driven by persisting fears in the drug-using community of law enforcement harassment and arrest. According to this theory, the Naloxone HCl effectively blocks the opiate from entering into the receptor site in the neuron. Kim D, Irwin KS Khoshnood. In my area, however, EMS is usually the first unit on an overdose call. This section includes several research papers on naloxone including the attitudes of drug users to the medication and to peer distribution, and the benefits of intranasal administration (spraying the drug up the nose rather than injecting it into the body and legal aspects of naloxone. As of July, bystanders in the state had overseen 3,131 overdose rescues with Narcan about six times more overdose reversals than the number reported by first responders. As Narcan use consultant Gary Langis said, one thing is certain a dead person cannot choose to get clean. Two expeditions never returned. This line of thought is situated in a profound misunderstanding of the phenomenology of addiction. Theyll say, We did this person again or We did him before.

Opponents of naloxone invoke the choice argument claiming

narcan argumentative essay

narcan argumentative essay

Narcan is a nasal spray, used to reverse opioid overdose by restoring the persons breathing and heart rate.
Narcan is a non-addictive drug, the desired effects only work on a person who is overdosing on opioids.
The argument against Narcan being legally available is in one case that some believe it would give the addict less fear of overdose and allow them to continue to use without fear of death.
There was also an argument raised in a meeting with the FDA by a representative from the American Society of Anesthesiologists that argued a physicians direction is needed when using the drug.

Of course, Narcan does not reanimate corpses, but it does revive an individual who has stopped breathing after suffering an opioid overdose, enabling her to start breathing again. For a drug designed with the sole purpose of dragging otherwise mortally doomed individuals back to the world of the living, it has garnered disturbingly little support. But its a matter of perspective. Recall that dopamine is responsible for the sensations of pleasure we experience. Every responder has an essential function to perform at electrical and electronic engineering thesis the scene of emergency, and while there is some overlap, when units start driving outside of their lane it inevitably causes them to neglect their primary responsibility. When you take away the overdose possibility, the addict is going to be more open to using more, Gimbel said. 64.6 reported having witnessed a drug overdose in the past, and over half of these had experienced an accidental drug overdose. It is a narcotic antagonist, meaning it counteracts the effects of narcotic agents.

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