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Causes of fascism essay

causes of fascism essay

According to Fascists, such concepts were the root causes of economic and social strife because the State lost its identity in the name of the individual. For Freud, civilization in itself was a cause for malaise: Life, as we find it, is too hard for us; it brings us too many pains, disappointments and impossible tasks. 8, within the cult of, el Duce, Fascism took on a paternalistic role as protector and deliverer from the travails of the Great War. Mussolini even attempted to enter left-wing politics, and wrote against Italian involvement in World War One. They build roads, hospitals and industries which help them rise to power.

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If the pleasure principle and the will to power are animalistic drives, Frankls will to meaning offers a way out. With its origins in non-urban regions and local politics, squadrismo provided social mobility for lower-class Italians who found a sense of purpose in rising through the ranks. It is true that they form a minority. 29 What makes us human why silence is golden essay is our ability to transcend ourselves, which Frankl argues he realized as a prisoner in Auschwitz. Mussolini thus rejected the pleasure principle as the driving force of human nature: Fascism denies the materialistic conception of happiness as a possibility This means that Fascism denies the equation: well-being happiness, which sees in men mere animals, content when they can feed and fatten. General Franco led a nationalist movement in the Spanish Civil War, in which he got help from Italy and Germany. After winning the war Franco became dictator of Spain and ruled the country until he died in 1975. Obviously, the newly united Italian state was greeted with much celebration. P?ModuleId10005425, the Rise, nazi Germany and Fascist Italy silk scarf as fascist propaganda.

Became a s trong movement during the first part of the 20th century for many reasons. Cause for the Rise of Fascism. A number of factors contributed to the rise of Fascism in Italy.