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Essay on labelling theory

essay on labelling theory

strengths and weaknesses t dateNovember 2013 accessdate locationNottingham, UK Reference Copied to Clipboard. The most successful interventions to be implemented where noted to be those that engage the individual in changing their own behaviour. Kuper (1996) argue that sufficient research which supports the concepts of labeling theory in relation to crime has been provided. For instance, a study conducted by Margit Wiensner, indicated that children who become involved with criminal acts are more likely to engage in criminal activities or acts of violence through to their adult stage because of labeling from correctional institutions and the society at large. Assess the usefulness of labelling as an approach to the study of crime and deviance. These youths then go on to reject those that have labelled them and tend to set up their own criminal lifestyles consisting of criminal behaviour.

This essay will describe in full the labelling theory and comment on the importance of the theory to the deviant behaviour of the youth and the anti-social behaviour of the youth in Britain today. Siegel and Welsh (2009) explain that youth who succumb to labeling become outcast members of the society, and thus, they are not able to regain their position in the society; a condition that continues up to adulthood.

Becker (1953) wrote in his book, the Marijuana user, that the drug does not produce any addiction and that it has no withdraw sickness or any sort of substance that makes the user crave for the drug. Siegel and Welsh (2009) further explain that when society becomes aware of the consequences of labeling as outlined in the labeling theory, then, such a society is better placed with fighting the stigmatization associated with labeling, thus, reducing crime. Those that were not able to conform to the rest of the tribe.e. Extracts from this document.

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An example to this would be the issue of homosexuality. The focus on the role that the society played in terms of reducing or accelerating crime levels become an avenue that was relevant in explaining deviant behavior. Criminological Theory: Context and Consequences (4th.). A criminal prosecution is one way that an individual is labelled in a negative rather than in a positive way. To counter the criticism of the theory, in 1973, Becker reconsidered his original assertion. They would be able to smoke it at one time and at others, they won't be able. Labelling theory suggests the complete opposite and that actually, there is no default reaction to any situation.