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Essay about competition and cooperation

essay about competition and cooperation

than competing. Admittedly, if there is a sense of competition among the children, they are stimulated to work harder when acquiring knowledge in school. Not only does it create a more fluid leadership, but also it allows everyone to participate actively without fear of censure. Others believe that children who college essays students are taught to co-operate rather than compete become more useful adults. In their point of view, structuring an environment under a context of competition will be challenging and will establish the need to strive and work harder to attain a particular goal that many aims. Cooperation or collaboration can be considered as a counterpart to the pursuit of competitive advantage. This view of strategy underwent a change in the late 1980s.

In this essay, I will. Competition is prevalent in all human cultures around the globe and its origin rests concealed in an undetermined past. Humans encounter competition in their daily life. From sports, business to relationships, competition has eventually become embedded in peoples lives and it is undeniable. Which works better, competition or cooperation?

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People learn together, work together to develop each other. Being the best student in class, for instance, is one of the real examples. He is always involved in a community work and acts collaboratively with others because he used to do that since he was a little child and as the result, their goals are mostly achieved easier. In this essay, both these contrasting views will be discussed and a conclusion will be made. People talk and listen to what others thinking of and learn. On the other hand, how to write an a persuasive essay we might think that we can do a job by ourselves, and later find ourselves over our heads; or we might indeed be able to do the job by ourselves, yet it would have been faster, and easier if we cooperate. To prove this, in Korea, it is popular - even common now - to have a tutor who comes to student's house to teach extra pieces of study with paying a lot of money. Sometimes, they might be highly de-motivated if they are constantly losing despite persistent efforts.