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History of hip hop dance essay

history of hip hop dance essay

style. The reciting of rhymes mostly took place in the night clubs and the streets of New York. 1468 words - 6 pages, hip hop dance was important to African American culture because it allowed them to create their own culture, their own music their own style.

The turntablist as well as breaking brought about the different dance moves created in the 1970s. Preview of Main Points: Rap is a form of expression that is rooted deep within ancient African culture and oral tradition. With the new kind of rap music and beat changes dance groups such as the break-boys and the break-girls (Hip Hop). It is also dances by people who are part of the hip hop culture. There are four elements that make up the culture of hip-hop. Hip-Hop spread through the borough of the Bronx, taking ideas, and motivation from the rhyming used by folk history of hip hop Essay 1365 words - 6 pages over the beat rather than singing, and musical content.

Hip-Hop as a Cultural Movement 1594 words - 6 pages would later lead to other forms of artistic expression that would complete the culture of hip-hop (Rhodes 2003). Herc also added onto break-beat deejaying in which he made it so that beats were isolated and repeated for long periods of time throughout the night. We will write a custom essay sample.

Full Force introduced Pop acts such as New Kids On The Block, Brittany Spears, and N'snyc. Hip-Hip/ R B group Full Force helped Pop music mature. It is based on the technique of hitting, which means to quickly contract and relax muscles to create a jerk in a dancers body. Whats your favorite dance style? For art to progress and thrive every element must be included, not just the elements that certain people find right. The Globalization of Hip Hop Music 1663 words - 7 pages to make it look black like their favorite hip hop artists and Brazilian gangs battling on the dance floor to hip hop music. We performed with the other four groups in the final five. Hip hop dance in general today, however, is more of what someone sees in music videos. The musical selection for breaking is from different songs which are looped and then chained together by the.

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