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Grades do not reflect intelligence essay

grades do not reflect intelligence essay

Now knowing my first strength of intelligence is language, the assessment points out a few things that can assist my learning techniques. Graded exam do not test our intelligence however, it tests our ability to memorize and shows our work ethics and determination. David Koeppel did not believe it either so he decided to investigate for his job and write an article on this subject and publish it in a New York Times article which is Those Low Grades in College May Haunt Your Job Search published December. First, language was my top strength. Yet, with hard work, he managed to transfer second year to an Ivy League school.

grades do not reflect intelligence essay

Grades do not always represent a person s intelligence, accordi ng to many students and teachers, because many other factors determine the.
Read this full essay on Grades Should Not Measure Intelligence.
Test scores ar e a useful index of ability, but they may reflect test-taking sophistication.
Often the smartest person in the classroom, is not th e one with the highest grades.

Grades do not Reflect Intelligence Essay Example for Free

grades do not reflect intelligence essay

I guarantee that if you struggle with keeping a high GPA due to external struggles or just a general difficulty to succeed in a class, there is something else that you excel. Spearmans research followed that of Binet, who was commissioned by the school system in France to develop a way to differentiate those students who were uneducable, or severely mentally handicapped, from other students. Although the author does agree that qualifications are needed to be hired on a job, an individuals intelligence cannot be measured extrasensory perception essay yahoo by the amount of good grades, certificates and degrees one possess. For example, if you ask Johnny. He also gets information from employers, employees, and experts on this.

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