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Essay on learning english as a second language

essay on learning english as a second language

Basic Phrase Structure * A sentence is formed through the combination of Noun Phrase(NP) and Verb Phrase(VP) Sentence10:1 The industry is releasing chemical waste products from industrial waste. This in my opinion is crucial for the process of learning English as a second language. Table 3: Most Common Errors and Examples of Errors. The study sought to answer the following research question: * What are the most common errors that students make in their essays? Todays world, river pollution occurs very seriously. It teaches us how to build sentences, also about the types of words that we use and when we should use them. This is because it creates a dovetail for the construction of grammatically and structurally perfect sentences to fit.

Maria is described as some kind of role. Moreover, the activities is not only polluting the quality of water, but also changes the colour of the water because it polluting the clear water. Her first language is Malay language. The second cause for river pollution are from agriculture activities.

Malaysian students are still weak in English, especially in their writing skills. The flow of water will be disturbed and the quality of water will be decreased. There was also wrong usage of conjunction which is as follows:. Phrase structure rules are usually of the form, meaning that the constituent A is separated into the two sub constituents B and. With the use of incorrect grammar sentences can become meaningless and their message is unclear. After selecting an appropriate writing task, some relevant reading passages should be introduced. Awareness of L1 interference Switching interactively between first and second language has been recognized as one of the salient characteristics of L2 writing. The industry is releasing chemical waste products from industrial waste. Based on the study that we have conducted, we have found that teaching writing is one of the hardest why i love thailand essays skill compare to the rest. The pretty Chinese woman, Ling, who Maria took English lessons together with is almost the opposite of Maria. Home, documents, essay on the Role of Grammar in Learning English as a Second Language out of 2, download, report.

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