Customers can now extend the validity age of their loyalty points, purchase add loyalty points and transfer their points to their family and friends. Abuse these points you have earned, after that spend in your GrabRewards catalogue.

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GrabRewards Platinum users can now gain admission to Booking. The more you abuse the card, the greater your rewards! You have options on how you would like to spend your points. Of course, the easiest way en route for prevent this from happening is en route for use Grab more and accumulate a sufficient amount GrabRewards points to maintain your affiliate tier.

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You can also control how loyalty applies for products that use price charge pricing. Transport Everything to do along with getting you from A to B. Merchant GrabFood. They will transfer your existing points balance to a additional card. GrabRewards Exclusive privileges you'll benefit from as a Grab user. What's Additional Latest happenings, promos and stories.

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Customers will only earn the loyalty designed for a particular sale when the auction has been paid in full. Add details here. The more you abuse your SIM, the more points after that rewards you will receive. Simply choose in for a list of amusement challenges to conquer. This will be greyed out if the customer does not have enough loyalty to compensate for the whole sale. When you return a product, the loyalty quantity associated with that item will be removed from the customer's account. Committed Platinum Hotline Contact us via the help center on your app designed for prioritised Platinum support.

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This means you will earn a allegiance bonus in exchange for each AFN you spend. You can buy the same items to redeem the add coupon. Welcome to Challenges. Monthly GrabRewards Deals Get access to exclusive deals such as movie screenings, flash sales and more. While every attempt is made to ensure that information is accurate and up-to-date, some information is subject to change. Grab vouchers. You can redeem your reward for At no cost or discounted groceries! When you arrival a product, the loyalty amount allied with that item will be apart from the customer's account. This be obliged to be equal to, or less than, the total loyalty the customer has.

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But you check your customer, you'll achieve they now have the Loyalty points in their account. GrabFinance Financial programmes for the on-the-go lifestyle of driver-partners. This may include:. Check the agenda above or visit the GrabRewards directory to find these deals. Eg: a quantity of Join Challenges and benefit from another fun way to get a whole lot more from Grab. You earn rewards points for every dollar you spend. If you don't allow an accounting integration, it's a able idea to speak to your accountant about how you manage and chase loyalty rewards with them. If you're not familiar with Vend's price charge feature, check out the article at this juncture.


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