You may also change it at a few time.

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Simple Interest Calculator

I used it on my job. The rate for a year treasury acquaintance currently about 2. John Parkinson says: June 18, at pm. You be obliged to login to use this feature! The total amount payable or simple activity payable on a principal sum above the period of time can be calculated in the context of age value of money calculation from the below mathematical formula.

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Simple Interest

Carry on with Facebook Continue with Google. Contrasting compound interest calculation , the basic sum remains constant and will not be changed due to interest all the way through out the entire period for which the principal sum is borrowed. MLC says: July 5, at am. Be grateful you for reporting the problem.

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This one is the most flexible. Abandon reply Comments are moderated. Time-value-of-money calculations with regular or irregular cash flows. MLC says: July 5, at am. Please see this calculator. Interest Earned:. Thank you for your comment. Sonia Shields says: May 4, at am. Thank you.


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