GrandWest Casino is situated in the Care for City and manages to combine accepted Cape cultural heritage with the after everything else word in modern entertainment. Top Online Casinos.

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Customers are treated to ultra modern amenities such as the largest underfloor disco air condition and extraction facility all the rage the world. The Salon Prive has dedicated slot machines with betting denominations ranging from 50c to R, at the same time as well as multiple table games. The complex has a number of admirable restaurants to suit all different palates, from family oriented establishments to acme dining destinations. All slot machines abuse smart card technology.

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Be converted into a Sun MVG today! It has gaming machines and 79 tables games. Casino Promotions.

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The Salon Prive offers an area designed for smoking and non-smoking players. The byzantine has a number of excellent restaurants to suit all different palates, as of family oriented establishments to top dining destinations. External facades have been painstakingly recreated from historical city buildings. GrandWest is home to the only frost rink in Cape Town. Cape City, South Africa has 5 casinos all the rage which you'll find more than 2, slots and gaming machines. More Cloak Town Gambling.


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